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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

Via The Watch , this:

Westminster is to hold a world-first tonight, when around 120 bloggers descend on parliament for a discussion on how politicians can best use the "blogosphere" to further policy and public interaction....

Mr Watson, the blogging Labour MP, sees the advent of the blog as a better way of engaging young people in politics, pointing out that while 500 of the great and the good may have turned out for Peter Mandelson's Progressive Governance conference at the weekend, the 120 bloggers who have turned up at little more than a week's notice for tonight's event will probably be younger and less party-political.

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Meanwhile, US Vice President Dick Cheney continues to huddle in an undisclosed bunker, tapping out weekly information on a telegraph.

(Incidentally, Natasha refered to me as an amateur doomsayer in the same post, which is about the closest anyone's gotten to capturing the essential nature of this blog.)

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