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Monday, July 21, 2003  

The Washington Post reports today on the Democrats' financials. The totals are fairly well known, but what's interesting is a breakdown by donor amount. I'm not totally thrilled with the breakdown, which ranges from "under $200" to "$2000 or more." (I would have liked something along the lines of $50 and below to $50k and above.)

Still, the results are interesting.

First, totals:

John Kerry - $12,876,368
John Edwards - $11,936,277
Howard Dean - $10,240,306
Dick Gephardt - $9,750,802
Joe Lieberman - $8,151,575
Bob Graham - $3,136,326
Dennis Kucinich - $1,718,354
Carol Moseley Braun - $217,109
Al Sharpton - $159,615

Now, of the total, the percentage of gifts that are $200 and under:

Dennis Kucinich - 60%
Howard Dean - 53%
John Kerry - 45%* [13%]
Dick Gephardt - 42%
Carol Moseley Braun - 28%
Joe Lieberman - 9%
Bob Graham - 8%
John Edwards - 7%
Al Sharpton - 0%

Now, of the total, the percentage of gifts that are $2000 and over:

John Edwards - 50%
Joe Lieberman - 41%
Bob Graham - 41%
Carol Moseley Braun - 25%
Dick Gephardt - 13%
John Kerry - 13%* [45%]
Dennis Kucinich - 11%
Howard Dean - 9%

Of course Kucinich and Dean have gotten most of their money from low-rollers--that's to be expected. But how about Kerry? He's the number one fundraiser to this point, and he's still raising almost half his money from individuals giving less than $200. That's a broad base of support. (Compare the numbers to Kucinich's, who has a higher percentage, but who's raised so much less money in general; Kerry's gotten at least 30,000 individual small donations.) *

I've been lukewarm on Kerry for awhile, and I'll post soon on why. But I am impressed by these numbers; although he's not appealing to me, he is appealing to people like me. That could be good news for both small voters who've overlooked Kerry as well as Democrats, who may end up with him as the candidate.

I think it also shows weakness in Lieberman's, Edwards', and Gephardt's campaigns. If Lieberman doesn't get any traction soon, the Clinton high rollers will abandon him, and he obviously has no base. Ditto Edwards, who's been buoyed by trial lawyers. Gephardt shows some weakness, but he's not dead yet. Still, for the "labor candidate," there's more wealth and less sweat evident in his numbers than he'd like.
*[Correction (7/24). In the original post, I inverted Kerry's numbers. In fact, only 13% of his money has come from small donors and 45% from the largest. Thus, my analysis that he's a man of the people--now italicized--is hogwash. Thanks to the Mad Prophet for noticing this.]

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