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Wednesday, July 09, 2003  

What's Karl up to? Have you all been doing a bit of the old head-scratch about the President's recent activities (that Fourth of July speech excepted)? He's going to Africa, he's pushing for Medicare reform, for a prescription drug benefit, and now legislation that would help corporations pay their pensioners. All this from a guy who was happy to sign a law that cut 12 children out of his federal-revenue-transfer-to-the-wealthy.


How about this for a strategy? In the two years following the election, you push through as much of your extreme agenda as possible: the aforementioned federal transfer of wealth to your buddies, massive givebacks to corporations, pack the courts, build the military, ravage the environment. Then, with 18 months left before the election, you swing back to the "compassionate" part of the agenda. You talk about AIDS in Africa, you get a couple social program victories under your belt. Never mind that these programs are actually wolves in sheep suits (ever more federal dollars are being shifted into the accounts of corporations while the services are built on foundations of sand)--those are details, and Americans can't understand details. All they'll hear is "Medicare reform package," and "prescription drug benefit" and see the President kissing the cheek of an elderly old or Iraqi-American woman in Philadelphia. And then they'll say, "well I'll be damned, the President does care. And keeps us safe to boot!"

Or at least that's what Karl's hoping. (I prefer the people are saying, "Isn't it shameless that he's kissing that old woman after he lied in order to bomb the hell out of her family!")

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