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Thursday, August 21, 2003  

And via the Portland Communique we have a local news station (KATU) completely whoring itself for ratings. They've got an online "blog" of today's activities that's well worth a look. Among the amusing items:

Strong odor of marijuana observed at protest scene
12:24 PM

A KATU News photographer near the scene at Willamette Blvd. and Portsmouth where protesters are assembled reports that there is a strong odor of marijuana in the crowd. Police in riot gear have also doubled their presence outside the center where the president is addressing supporters.

(Of course, I wouldn't be surprised. But there were also a number of people smudging sage, and I doubt seriously if, having smelled burning sage, a KATU reporter could distinguish it from ganja. But either way, best to put it online with a screamer headline...)

More screamer headlines: KATU News crew assaulted by protesters (judge for yourself on this video); Protesters burn American flag (a lot of others were just waving them); Protesters climbing barrier; Protesters now on Willamette Blvd.; Protesters testing police?

They're working hard to make satire obsolete.

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