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Wednesday, August 20, 2003  

Because of the unsanctioned US invasion, it now appears that Iraq presents a far, far greater risk to the world than it did under Saddam Hussein. Far from democratizing the region, it has formed a destablized nexus for terrorists and fundamental Islamicists newly invigorated by hatred over American actions.

You know what? Many people warned to expect exactly this kind of situation.

It's an extremely harsh consequence of the arrogance of the administration and the absurd lies its members have told--and expecially the failure of the media and American public to examine the lies and arrogance. Since 9/11, the White House has made a number of shocking statements and moved forward with a number of bizarre policies--all unchallenged because of extremely thin, hopeful evidence (generally contradictory) offered by the adminstration.

Our government has called other nations evil. It adopted a policy of pre-emption. It promoted a war with an unthreatening foe with contractory, possibly faked evidence. It went ahead with the war despite UN opposition and no credible support. At every single stage a large minority of Americans screamed that none of this squared with the values, laws, or history of US policy--nor even credible interpreations of law. Moreover (and this is the strongest indictment), they pointed out that even taking the evidence at face value, it didn't make any sense.

So now Iraq has become a sacred ground to which violence is drawn. Expect the President, in the face of the obvious reality we all watch on the news, to lie about the circumstances there and praise the effectiveness of the "coalition" in establishing democracy. Also expect the media to dutifully report this fiction while meanwhle covering the wreckage of the UN bombing, upholding this bizarre reality/spin discontinuity.

Tomorrow Dubya's coming to Portland. He will journey to a private space and speak to those who pay $2,000 a pop and avoid the far larger group of unpaying constituents down the road at a public park. The media will also dutifully cover his speech, though it will propogate a lie they do not believe, and ignore the mass of citizens who are demanding an end to the deceit. His war chest will ever grow, as will the power money exerts over the federal government, to the ill of the public good. Only citizens will question this. They won't get media coverage and their arguments won't be heard.

But, just like when they protested about the war and predicted that it would result in catastrophe, they'll be right.

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