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Monday, August 04, 2003  

Bit of a slow news morning, isn't it? I figured the long days of summer to be fairly un-newsworthy, but this is the first Monday I can remember in a long time that most of the news seemed like a yawner. The Episcopalian priest story is fascinating, but it's the only thing going this morning. Possibly I'll comment on that later on, but the seems an ideal opportunity to take a spin round the old blogosphere and see what other folks are writing about.

Jesse piles on Gigli. I think there was a lot of pent up desire get Ben and Jen the hell off every commercial medium known to man. Now maybe they'll migrate off our movie screens and over to the cover of the tabloids where they belong. (Ignatius has an amusing review of T3, if you still have a bit of spleen to vent.)

Elyane is furious at Friedman. Good for her--his internal consistency is just barely above the administration's.

Jeralyn has a link to the Ashcroft transcript. This for the masochistic types.

Jeanne wonders if being more conspiratorially-minded would help her understand the Pentagon. It won't, but it will make your anlysis more interesting.

(Oh, and Chris also lost his Squawkbox account. He's no happier than I am. Fred lost it too, but he's gotten a Haloscan account.)

Josh ruminates about hatred. This time, it's the Dems choking on their own bile.

One Man had a lot of opinions during blogathon, and I enjoyed them. Take a spin from the start--it's more interesting than the news.

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