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Tuesday, August 12, 2003  

E.J. Dionne blasts the President's critics:

Isn't the hatred shown our president just awful, especially when we face such serious challenges to our national security?

One major politician called the administration's policies an "abject national embarrassment."

A former national security official said the president "has squandered American credibility and undermined our preeminence around the world." Another highly respected foreign policy expert said the administration "has not been able to distinguish between professorial concepts and foreign policy."

A key House leader insisted that "the president does not have the divine right of a king." He accused the administration of providing the public with "the spin, the whole spin, and nothing but the spin."

An important senator called the president "a jerk," and a House member said: "He still looks like a small man in a big office and an illegitimate president."

Terrible, terrible stuff. These politicians clearly don't know what the thoughtful conservative writer David Brooks knows: that politics should not take on a "lurid and emotional tone," and that it's self-defeating to indulge "the hypercharged tendency to believe the absolute worst about one's political opponents."

Oh, wait, those were criticisms by Dick Cheney, Jim Baker, Henry Kissinger, Tom DeLay, and Orrin Hatch about the last President. Thus Dionne spanks David Brooks for decrying the "lurid and emotional tone" the Dems have brought to bear on the current Prez. Quick, somebody call the Capitol Hill cops on 'em!

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