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Wednesday, August 13, 2003  

I've been meaning to get back to the Democrats, bless their hearts. This morning I received an idiotic email from Terry McAuliffe asking for $57 in celebration of Clinton's 57th birthday to get me talking. Nothing like a nostalgic look back to get me fired up. (However, the Dems do have a decent rebuttal of the White House's lies and misdemeanors on the webpage.)

It's all about Dean at the moment. Vermont 'phants think they can get some traction by demanding that Dean open his gubernatorial records (they'll be sealed until 2013). This is actually great news. Dean can now play the "show-me-yours-and-I'll-show-you-mine" card. Let's see, the most secretive President in history versus a mostly-already-revealed gubernatorial record--who do you think stands to lose on that trade?

Meanwhile, according to lefties, Dean's not a liberal, dammit. No wait, he really is.

He's conservative, I tell you:
"Dean's supporters don't believe what they're told. They hear what they want to believe, and Dean provides the strident vagaries that fuel their self-delusion. 'We need to know what the president knew and when he knew it,' he spat when Bush got caught lying about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in his State of the Union address. That reference to the 1974 Nixon impeachment hearings affirmed many Democrats' belief that Bush deserves serious punishment for lying about Iraq, but will President Dean turn over Bush to the International War Crimes Tribunal? Not bloody likely. And how can antiwar types reconcile Dean's support for Bush's invasion of Afghanistan?" (Rall)

Wrong, he's a progressive:
"Since the speech, Dean has consistently spoken out on Iraq and many of the occupation policies. He has called on Bush administration officials to resign for misleading the American public, and continues to criticize those Democrats who voted for the Iraq resolution." (Pitney, AlterNet)

He's conservative, I tell you:
"Clinton played libbies the same way in 1992. The pro-business Arkansas governor promised to stand up for workers--without naming specifics. But when he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Clinton approved pro-corporate, GOP-authored 'free trade' agreements that robbed Americans of millions of high-paying jobs, trashed the environment and did almost zilch to improve employee rights." (Rall)

Wrong, he's a progressive:
"Dean has pledged to renegotiate current trade agreements (including NAFTA) and oppose new trade agreements that do not require the enforcement of internationally recognized workers' rights and environmental standards. He will also 'oppose any further rounds of the World Trade Organization agreements that do not make substantial progress on incorporating' these rights and standards. When asked about policy toward Africa and the Caribbean Basin at the NAACP Presidential Forum, Dean voiced his support for debt forgiveness and remarked that 'we need to get the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank off the backs of these countries.'" (Pitney, AlterNet)

(The point is moot--with press like this, all he has to do is smile.)

I don't know what to say. If everyone's reading something into the Dean campaign, no one's reading anything into Kucinich's. He's actually getting some press (see the Guardian, Nashua [NH] Telegraph, Akron Beacon Journal, and AlterNet) and based on the grossly unrepresentative Portland supporters, got some populist backing. But he can't quite get over that "unelectable" label, nor the 7th-man-slump. Money ain't everything, but it's the only thing that gets you press. All Kucinich supporters should step up to the plate. Put a Ben Franklin in for Dennis. We've got to start backing him with our dollars, not just our voices.

The Rest of the Crowd.
Rest of the crowd? Aren't they all just talking Dean? The only real news is that Gephardt managed to rally the Teamsters. It still may not be enough to win him Iowa.

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