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Wednesday, August 27, 2003  

This will be my last post until next Tuesday. I'm taking a week off to try to finish a novel I've been working on for the last thousand years. The reason I'm mentioning it at all is to prevent the siren call of the blog from luring me back online. If I post this for all my 13 readers to see, perhaps that will keep me motivated. In any case, I'll feel obliged to post an update next Tuesday.

(And just to quell the rising tide of interest: it's a multigenerational epic that starts with a poor young man from back east who seeks to earn his wealth in the beaver trade. It's the narrative of a city, a state, a people--a metaphor for the rugged individualism of a broad-shouldered republic too plucky to just lay down and die or establish universal health care and a responsible social safety net. It isn't just the great American novel, it's the great human novel, a striking work of such profound scope and searing insight as to embarrass an entire generation of writers.

Actually, not. It's about a cab driver.)

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