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Friday, September 12, 2003  

Again, not a lot of time for posting today. I'm working on an article for a print publication, and although it would be cool to say the blog takes precedence, it ain't true. So, a couple of things I noted in the news this morning.

Clark yet again blew off announcing his candidacy (although the LA Times says he's "poised to enter"). I know a lot of serious folks out there (including a couple of my good friends) think he's the guy. Maybe he is. But for someone who hasn't been following his potential candidacy at all--I don't know a view he holds on a single issue--I have to say that this "playing coy" act isn't impressing me. Of all the words I'd use to describe it, "presidential" isn't among them.

Meanwhile, Dems seem to be focusing in on Dean: and not in a good way. Yesterday it was Gephardt. And this is why I don't like Gephardt, never mind his wonderful "miserable failure" soundbite--he's trying to link Dean with Newt Gingrich. Gingrich! I mean, get it straight--is he a wacko liberal (see Joe Klein for absurdist DLC fare) or a neo-con? Interesting Times has the best election coverage I've seen--better even than KOS in recent weeks. If you're looking for the news of the day, Chris probably has it posted.

We seem to have lost interest in the "Bush lied" story, but this is interesting: Wolfowitz shifts rationale on the war.

While it is true that Wolfowitz has long advocated a free and democratic Iraq, an examination of his speeches before and after the war nevertheless reveals a clear shift of emphasis away from the focus on weapons of mass destruction as the primary reason for going to war. During the run-up to the war, Wolfowitz argued that "disarming Iraq of its chemical and biological weapons and dismantling its nuclear weapons program is a crucial part of winning the war on terror."

"This is not a game; it is deadly serious," he told the Council on Foreign Relations in January, in a speech aimed at convincing the country's foreign policy elite of the case for war. "We are dealing with a threat to the security of our nation and the world."

And finally, I must mention the Man in Black, just like every other blogger and newspaper in the country. Not to add anything to the conversation, just to add my voice to the chorus. You were a national treasure, Johnny. We'll miss you.

[Editorial note: I'll try to get some satire up late this afternoon or in the evening.]

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