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Tuesday, September 02, 2003  

All right, what the hell does this mean?

It says two-thirds of voters surveyed couldn't name any of the Democratic contenders. That includes two-thirds of Democratic voters. The poll says four in 10 Democratic voters are satisfied with the current field of nine candidates, while half say they want more choices.

When all the voters were asked if President George W. Bush will definitely be re-elected, 38 percent said yes. But half say they think a Democrat could beat him.

Among the Democratic candidates, Joseph Lieberman, Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean topped the field in the poll. But they have relatively low numbers, which suggests the race remains wide open.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it means:
1. I score near the top on the wonk scale: I can name all nine.

2. Kucinich (that's Coo SIN itch to you) can actually still win this thing.

3. All the talk of Dean squandering his mo too early is hogwash: according to 75% of his potential voters, he not only doesn't have mo, they don't even know he exists.

4. Lieberman and Gephardt are failing pretty bad to get their message out. While some Dems won't know who Gephardt is--despite having been the minority leader--they probably voted for Lieberman. So this can't be called good news for him.

5. Some Americans really ain't too bright: only 33% know of at least one candidate in the race, but 60% are dissatisfied with the selection.

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