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Tuesday, September 16, 2003  

And then there were ten...

Am I the last blogger to notice this? The real question is, what's Clark got that Kucinich ain't got (besides a square jaw, an Oxford education, the possible title of "commander," and wild popularity)?

Some background on Clark I'll be reading at lunch: Anarchists say nuh-uh (and check out the snappy gif);

Michael Moore says uh-huh!;

Fox gives a short bio (and it must have killed them);

A blog for Clark here;

and another one here.

Who else has good Clark resources?

[UPDATE (4:30 pm, 9/17): From Clonal Antibody we get this interesting report on Clark from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. I stand corrected; seems Clark's view about the invasion was decidedly mixed.

Via TalkLeft, a number of other sources. Here's a bio by the Memphis Commercial Appeal. (No, I've never heard of it, either.)

An article in Salon--looks more meaty than the Memphis piece. And another one today.

And Jeralyn has posted some info about him herself here.]

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