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Sunday, September 07, 2003  

At four o'clock this morning, I woke up with a dull abdominal pain. It got sharper and sharper until, by 4:30, I got up to check things out. Left side, lower quadrant. Let's see, McBirney's point, right side...nope, not appendicitis. I consulted a book we have from Kaiser that gives you brief health info, and looked for anything meeting this description. Nothing.

By this time, things were fairly dire. The pain was sharp, like I'd swallowed a piece of glass that was now trying to work its way down. Except that it wasn't going anywhere. Finally, at about seven, a wave hit that left me gasping and nauseous. Although it was all painful, this was by an order of magnitude the worst. Time for the ER.

But then the funny thing was, by the time I'd gotten checked in and strapped on the silly rear-view bed clothes, it was gone. Diagnoses, doctors?

If you've had this, you know what it is (and everyone at the hospital did): a kidney stone. The process I had just gone through was "passing" it, which does not mean, as I thought, passing it all the way--rather just from the kidney through the ureter that leads to the bladder. The second "passing" is a snap--I wouldn't even have noticed it if the doctor hadn't instructed me use a strainer to catch the stone as it left my body. (I'm happy to say they provided the strainer.)

Extremely painful, but nice to know that when it's over, you're pretty much good as new.

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