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Tuesday, September 16, 2003  

I did a a not-very-exhaustive on stories that discussed Dick Cheney's comments on "Meet the Press" looking to see if anyone called him a liar. The closest was the Post article I quoted yesterday, which had a paragraph that disputed the evidence of an Iraq-Al Qaida connection. And yet everyone knows this is a lie. Even the Post's language was softer than I expected. Little did I know I was reading the most damning comment in the major press.

If we have such a liberal media, how is it that the Veep can lie on national TV about the justification for war--and for misleading Americans--and not a single paper calls him a liar? Even the lead "Vice President Repeats Discredited Intelligence" would have been reasonable and perfectly defensible (I guess I wouldn't expect "Veep Repeats Lie").

If our press is objective, why doesn't it report objectively about this? Truth is, the emperor and all his men have been buck naked for a long time, and not a single news agency is willing to mention it. Fine objectivity, that.

(Meanwhile, the press may get a lot less objective if the President goes ahead with his plan to veto Congress's effort to overturn those horrible FCC rules about consolidation.)

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