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Tuesday, September 23, 2003  

New blog: Economists for Dean.

While we are all enthusiastic about Dean, we do not intend this site to be a center for expresssions of blind devotion to our man. Our analysis will be critical, and where we think Dean's got it wrong, we'll say so, and we expect our readers will, too.

At this point, this is neither an endorsement or slag, but just an advisory. May be a blog to watch.

As blogs begin to proliferate, I think we'll see more of this kind of specific intellectual advocacy. It's an interesting phenemenon, because as politics and the media become more saturated in money, reasonable people have fewer places to turn for objective opinion. Into the gap step like-minded people with relevant backgrounds. Yeah, O'Reilly screams loudest, but who are you going to trust--a guy who's paid millions to criticize Dems, or a bunch of unpaid economists with a genuine interest in the future of America?

(Which is not to say that's what this blog offers. The economists are unnamed, so for all we know, they might be sophomore econ students at Wisconsin. Even then you've got more insight than O'Reilly, but not as much as, say Max Sawicky.)

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