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Friday, September 19, 2003  

On the Infallibility of George W. Bush
By Richard B. Cheney

Since the end of major combat operations in Iraq, a number of America's doubters have seen fit to call the President's judgment about various issues into question. This is a grave mistake. There has never been a worse time in US history to criticize the President or the government. We are at a war with unseen forces of liberty-haters, and the last thing we want to do is speak loosely and give these sinister forces comfort and hope. This is a time for restraint, not a time for speaking loosely.

I'm writing today because I feel a response to these doubters--some are called "Democratic candidates for President"--is necessary to quickly heal the nation. They want nothing more to sow discord and create an environment of ill will toward our heroic President. This is no time for ill will.

First of all, the operations in Iraq are a resounding success. We anticipated success, and we got success. Already the seeds of democracy have sprouted. The spirit of brotherhood is strong in Iraq, and soon it will be a thriving democracy, a strong ally. We said before the war that our goal was liberation of the Iraqi people. They're liberated. Some nay-sayers have tried to sully our great victory with talk of what might or might not have been said to justify a war about what Saddam Hussein--the brutal dictator--might or might not threaten us with. That's all water under the bridge and no concern of mine. To doubt the President's intention here is to sow the seeds of discord, to give aid and comfort to the enemy. Nay-sayers will say that the enemy is now in Iraq, but I'm not going to get into who may or may not be flooding across this or that porous border. This is no concern of yours. Support the President and you have defeated the enemy.

Next, I'd like to address the issue of terrorism. After the tragedies of September 2001, the President immediately went to work to stop terrorism in its track. He choked off one of the lifelines of terror in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. A number of key evildoers were captured before they could do harm to this country. Then, he choked off another lifeline when he invaded Iraq. Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were, as everyone knows, good friends. We have good evidence from our friends in Niger and the Czech republic that confirm these connections. I can envision these two evildoers sitting by the pool in one of Saddam's terrible, opulent palaces smoking Cuban cigars and laughing evilly. But the President has put a stop to all that. Now, I'm not going to get into what one country says or what a particular intelligence agency says about this evidence. As the President has said before, it's darn good intelligence.

Finally, the economy is robust and growing, thanks to the jobs program the President signed into law this year. We were hit with some bad news after we took office. The Democratic economy was in collapse, overburdened by excessive spending on the unproductive poor. The President acted quickly, identifying the productive wealthy, and making sure they had the money they needed to get this economy moving again. And it is moving. Nay-sayers will point out that we still have unemployment. But that's just because they're the ones who are unemployed. If they were productive like the wealthy, they wouldn't be unemployed. The President has emphasized his compassionate conservatism, and you see it there. Compassion for the productive, conservatism for the unemployed. Now as to whether this economist or that Congressional Budget Office talks about this or that ballooning deficit isn't something we need to dwell on here.

So America, all is well. The President is perhaps the finest leader anyone has ever seen. All his initiatives have been a success. Only those who don't think America's the greatest country in the world would criticize this President. They don't really want to help the country; they want to hurt it. But this isn't something we'll allow. Whether they're the liberal media, the "Democratic candidates for president," or unfunny satirists, they're not true Americans. In the end, we will defeat them just as surely as we have defeated our enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and France.

Thank you, America, for your attention. And remember, this President doesn't make mistakes, only his enemies do. Good night.

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