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Tuesday, September 09, 2003  

On Open Source Politics, Lilith Devlin reports on an interesting website: "Life and Liberty", a pro-Patriot Act screed from the DoJ.

Devlin gives some analysis of the Dispelling Myths page, in which the AG spins some pretty mean BS. Go and read the article and Lilith's analysis.

The one thing I'd add is this: what's really alarming to me is the idea that the DoJ has gotten into the business of advocacy. That this AG is promoting a corrupt law is queasy-making because he's a scary guy. But I wouldn't find it particularly more encouraging if a Democratic appointee were lobbying for laws. This is absolutely the purview of elected officials who are accountable to the electorate; not the DoJ. The DoJ's responsibility is solely to enforce federal law. (Which should be plenty.)

[Update: via TalkLeft, a report from People for the American Way about abuses by Ashcroft (and others). It would be nice for someone to line up the two websites and see if it's possible to catch the DoJ in a lie. But that's perhaps asking too much.]

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