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Wednesday, September 10, 2003  

Posting will be light today. In the mean time, Interesting Times has some good analysis of last night's debate.

More from Slate.

Also, Ampersand wants suggestions for a new cartoon; might I suggest Lieberman playing the Israel card on Dean?

If you read one thing today, though, make it Jeanne's entry on the WTO conference in Cancun.

Other little bit of (good) news: Dems blocked the President's horrendous overtime no-pay bill, with all four Presidential candidates arranging to be there for the vote. Seems like the Dems are really starting to get on the same page. Meanwhile, the fractious GOP is looking anything but ready for an election: six republicans sided with the Dems on the bill [Campbell (CO), Chaffee (RI), Murkowski (AK), Snowe (ME), Spectre (PA), and Stevens (AK)].

Israel? Iraq? I'm starting to feel dizzy. Anyone have anything that might alleviate my nausea?

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