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Monday, September 15, 2003  

The President's approval rating is down to 52%; the public has lost confidence in the Iraq policy; two-thirds of Americans want the UN to run the show in Iraq (.pdf file). What does it mean?


Fourteen months before an election, there is no worse guide than polls. Think how recently it was that Bush looked untouchable: with the President standing in a flight suit declaring victory in a war, conservative commentators across the country had gone ahead and put the '04 election in the "win" column. It doesn't take much mental gymnastics to imagine scenarios now that will return the President to wild popularity.

Of course, we don't have anything better to do, so it's an interesting pasttime. Lately I've been hearing the excitement of Dems who are certain that the house of cards has collapsed. Today Atrios said the Prez had jumped the shark. Who knows?

Months ago, I started talking about how the Dems need to get out of their reactive, president-focused politics. This applies to good news as much as bad. Even if the President is looking bad to voters, without a strong platform, Dems run the serious risk of squandering the opportunity to start leading again. The only thing these low numbers offer is a chance for Dems to be heard. If people hate Bush's policies, they're looking around. "I told you he was a rat bastard" ain't gonna win them over.

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