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Tuesday, September 02, 2003  

Some housekeeping before we return to the regularly-scheduled blogging. Some of you may have notice over there in the right column a list of bloggers under the vague title "A Community of Bloggers Whose Relevence Will Soon be Revealed." Time to reveal.

Some weeks ago, our good friend Cowboy Kahlil had an idea: why not pool the resources of some of the well- and lesser-known bloggers and create a kind of metablog of liberalism? Well, why not? So we did. Kevin (that's Kahlil; he's out of the closet now) started sending out emails and spreading his vision. A pretty big group responded, and over time a final number of something like 45 bloggers had signed on.

We dubbed it Open Source Politics:

Open Source Politics was founded to promote active discourse among progressives. We firmly believe that the strength of every democratic nation comes from government of, by, and for its people.

Open Source Politics is an open exchange of ideas. In the true spirit of Open Source, we believe that government can best be improved through community dialogue. We are diverse; we are determined; we talk about everything that affects our lives.

The ongoing renewal necessary for the health of democracy is not achieved by the election of politicians, but in discussion and debate among citizens, in the triumph of reason and research over ideology, and, most importantly, in your participation.

These are our guiding principles. Join us.

We just rolled it out today, so go have a look (bookmark, tell your friends, families, neighbors, etc.).

You'll recognize some of the names, some will be new to you, and some will be familiar and new: like Kevin, a few of us are coming out from under the pseuds. You'll find our good friend Ignatius Reilly there (he has a really stellar piece about Bush's "Healthy Forests Initiative"), Al-Mujahabah (who writes on immigrants and domestic violence), and me (with a typical long-winded ramble), all under our actual names.

For at least the time being, I'll go ahead and keep posting here as Emma.

Now, what are you waiting for: go check out Open Source Politics!

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