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Tuesday, September 30, 2003  

Weather Report

Time again for one of my wildly popular Portland weather reports. As you may recall, in April I complained about the rain. Hearing my blaspheme, the weather gods took quick action and smote Portland with a crushing Phoenix-like summer. Then last month I noted the devil sun's activities neutrally (sorry, seems my links are bloggered for that one), attempting not to further enrage the violent gods.

Well glories of glories, after a 95-degree Saturday, I'm delighted to report that today a dense fog rolled in and shrouded our little town in merciful, life-giving wetness. Pedaling across the Hawthorne Bridge this morning, I admired the sodden city, glassy river, and pretty old barge crusing toward Swan Island. That's my beautiful city: gray.

Color this webfoot (tickled) pink.

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