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Wednesday, September 03, 2003  

Who's raising what from whom? Follow the Money has numbers on the California recall/election.

Raised: $1,118,318
Ponied up himself: $2,021,200
Securities and Venture Capital: $241,400
Real Estate: $210,000
Transportation: $128,950
Famous Donors: Warren Buffett $21,000

Peter Ueberroth
Raised: $1,260,498
Ponied up himself: $1,114,299
Securities and Investment, Real Estate, Finance: $559,100
General Business: $173,600
Famous Donors: Don Ohlmeyer (Monday Night Football producer), $20,000

Tom McClintock
Raised: $470,797
Ponied up himself: $0
Construction: $143,150
Real Estate and finance: $55,450
Communications and Electronics: $29,470
Famous Donors: None of note.

Cruz Bustamante
Raised: $438,592
Ponied up himself: $0
Labor (unions): $65,600
Lawyers: $50,002
Famous Donors: None of note.

Arianna Huffington
Raised: $155,563 (?--data not clear)
Ponied up herself: $179,608 (?--data not clear)
Communications and electronics $94,940
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate: $31,185
Famous Donors: Larry David ($21,000), Aaron Sorkin ($5,000)

Larry Flynt
Raised: $0
Ponied up himself: $56,000

Despite characterizations that the recall is a circus sideshow, these figures show that it's shaping up like a real election. The leading candidate on the right is a self-financed entertainer, with support from finance and real estate. His principal challengers include another self-financed, and finance and business-backed candidate, and a construction-backed candidate. On the left are a labor candidate and the Hollywood darlin.

(Oh, Larry Flynt's in the mix, so I guess it's a little bit of a circus. You'd have thought that with all the porn money in California, Larry could have shaken some money free. Porn lords aren't interested in politics, apparently.)

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