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Tuesday, October 28, 2003  

As an addendum to my jobs rumination from this morning, I notice a couple other folks have related information. From Max: "The last time income tax revenues were this low was the year before the noted Polish economist Bill Mazeroski beat the Yankees." Add that to Bush's accomplishment of being the first President since Hoover to see a net loss in jobs, and he's got a tidy resume going.

Calpundit also points to a report showing that CEO salary has spiked in comparison to company profits. "Overall, a CEO who generates $10 million in net profits today is paid about 7x what a CEO who generated exactly the same amount was paid in 1980." He adds, wryly: "Now: tell me again why those unionized grocery clerks are just a bunch of greedy bastards for thinking that their pay and benefits ought to rise too? Just curious." I'm curious about that myself...

Economists for Dean also have a slate of indictments on the Prez's policies (and yet Krugman takes all the heat). His policies have worsened the states' financial crises, his policies are dishonest, and his tax cuts really are bad. (All right, you don't have to be an economist for Dean to get that last one.)

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