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Friday, October 10, 2003  

Based on the comments some of you made in the previous post, the following subject may not be regarded as universally delightful. Nevertheless, here we go: more Dennis Kucinich. On OS Politics, Laura Poyneer writes about a fundraising breakfast she attended with the candidate. Even if you think DK is the wrong presidential candidate, I think most liberals would agree it's great he's out there and on our team. He's a big-brain guy, and he's putting some things on the table no one else is. Listen to what he has to say about Iraq:

He talked about the U.S. plans to privatize Iraq's utilities and public services and sell them off to foreign companies and all the other war profiteering that's going on. The U.S. is mismanaging Iraq in the worst way. Instead of staying there to keep on devastating and plundering that country, we need to withdraw and let the U.N. take over and protect Iraq's resources so that they can be used by Iraqis. Kucinich also talked about ending the spell of fear that we are being kept in and said that by working together and speaking up we can start to turn things around and repair the damage we've done.

You won't hear much about the profiteering angle from other candidates. It's a real issue. He is dismissed for wanting to pull the troops back, but even this view isn't radical: why shouldn't the UN be running the show? It's a legitimate question. Finally, what about this issue of the President's fear mongering? Is this the way we want to live? Is this the way we have to live? Again, a legitimate question.

Then there was this:

After this, Kucinich passed by me and greeted me with "As-salaam alaykum" (the Muslim greeting; my form of dress marks me as a visible Muslim) and a nod, both of which I returned, then he continued on his way.

Do you think other candidates would have known to offer that greeting? Is it important to have a President who knows such a greeting? Maybe not. But for me, these are the things that mark him as the best candidate. He may not win, but that's a different question. An interesting article; I think you'd enjoy it.

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