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Thursday, October 23, 2003  

Clark is finally starting to offer some policy positions ... sorta. He came out with an economic plan that included a tepid patchwork of solutions: to repeal the worst of the Bush tax cuts, eliminate some corporate tax loopholes, and that old chestnut popular with all Washington outsiders--to reduce government waste. For a guy who used to teach econ, these seem like pretty marginal positions.

With war profiteering, a massive shift of federal revenues to the wealthy and business, Wall Street corruption, ballooning deficits, and real issues about how taxing and spending should be conducted, you'd hope for something a little better than this. I think what we'll see as time goes on is that Clark will run on the war, and the other candidates will run on the economy. He just had to offer up something.

But based on recent disclosures about Clark's war waffles, he may need an economic plan that's a little stronger than this.

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