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Wednesday, October 08, 2003  

The election's over and now the spin to define the election's in full swing. On the radio this morning I already heard that this represents a Republican victory in California, possibly such a strong groundswell that Bush can think about winning the state.

But when I look at the election results, I see something entirely different than a Republican mandate. First, the numbers. Cali Republicans are crowing that they captured 60% of the vote. Wrong. Forty-five percent of the electorate voted not to recall. And of the 55% who did, a number cast ballots for Bustamente. Toting up the ballots for both McClintock and Schwarzenegger may produce a 60% tally, but some number of those voted not to recall--remember, 100% of the people cast a ballot for someone, whether they voted for or against the recall. Dems voted Arnie because there was only one of their party on the ballot--and he wasn't a popular Democrat who'd made it through a primary selection process, but rather the only one willing to run.

Instead, try this spin on for size: during the midst of one of the worst financial periods in state history, one of the most unpopular governors in state history was narrowly defeated by one of the most popular men on the globe. A ringing endorsement for the Republican platform, indeed.

We'll see what kind of juice this gives Republicans next year; let me be the first to predict it will not only fail to give them momentum, but further energize an enraged electorate who had to witness the partisan debacle. A few days ago I wrote, "On Wednesday, the State of California will have a less-than-perfect governor and a whole truckload of problems."

Congratulations, governor. And good luck--

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