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Saturday, October 04, 2003  

If you're interested in how politics are playing out in the hinterland, you might be interested in a post I have over on the Oregon Blog.

Oregon, as you may know (if you're a Doonesbury reader, for example), is in fiscal crisis. Our budget is based on revenues collected disproportionately from income tax, and since the bubble burst, we've been at 8% unemployment or better. We saw revenues fall by 15% and services slashed. It lead to the longest and one of the most acrimonious legislative sessions in Oregon history, as our own version of neo-cons tried to hold the line on no new taxes. They had the House, but the Senate was evenly divided. What resulted was an $800 million tax hike, which has now polarized the GOP. The anti-tax folk are already out in force to put an initiative on the ballot to repeal the hike. Meanwhile, anyone who voted for it in the GOP is being demonized.

Good for the Dems? Probably not.

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