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Monday, October 06, 2003  

I'm still getting my brain around the Syria bombing and its myriad implications. The event itself is complex enough--how will it affect the relationships directly involved; how will it affect US relationships to involved nations; how will it affect the situation in Iraq; how badly will it polarize the international community. But into this, Joe Lieberman offers a move directly from the Rove playbook:

"No government can stand by and let that continue to happen," Mr Lieberman said on a television discussion programme yesterday. "Unfortunately, the Syrians have continued to refuse American demands that they break up terrorist bases and headquarters in their country.

"And what the Israelis appear to have done in attacking Syria is not unlike what we did after September 11 in attacking training camps of al-Qaida in Afghanistan."

So after playing the Israel card against Howard Dean, Lieberman now implicitly backs the President's pre-emption doctrine.

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