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Friday, October 24, 2003  

In the time slot I normally reserve for coffee-drinking, news-perusing, and blogging, today I have a meeting. In the meantime, you might do what I do and go read Krugman. This morning he taunts the President about his bizarro world claims of victory(title: "Too Low a Bar"), hoping to pre-rebut what will surely be claims of success in the war on unemployment. (If PK starts using the phrase "bizarro world," I'll suspect him of cribbing from this blog.)

You could also check out an post I have in Open Source Politics dealing with the Portland (don't call 'em terrorists) Seven case. It's a story the fantabulous Zizka brought to my attention in an email, so you could also see what else he has to say.

I'll be back later this morning with a bit of the old Friday Satire. Ta ta.

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