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Thursday, October 09, 2003  

Just what you were hoping for: more Kucinich news. There's a pretty cool thing over at MSNBC called "Campaign Embeds." The person posting for Kucinich is Karin Caifa--and it's a lot closer to a blog than Kucinich actually gets himself. Here's a bit:

At the Democracy Rising Rally
"'Aren’t you guys in enemy territory?' I asked the Dean volunteers. 'I love Dennis Kucinich. I think he’s done a great job in the Congress,” admitted one of the folks sporting a Dean for America button. 'I love everything he says. But I don’t think he stands any chance of winning the nomination. And I think Howard Dean does stand a real chance of taking back the Democratic Party.'"

It's a bit rawer, and doesn't always flatter the candidate. But in a way, that has the effect of giving confidence. I know Kucinich isn't perfect; it's reassuring to see that it's all fairly small time.

"Downstairs from the hall, Maryland campaign coordinator Yu-Lan Tu zipped back and forth in anticipation of the congressman’s arrival. Black Entertainment Television had requested an interview with the candidate and she was going to great lengths to find a proper venue in the church. First she tried making a classroom look “presidential” with the addition of a small lamp, some faux flowers and a vase full of flags from foreign countries. She tried desperately to find an American flag to use as a backdrop but it wasn’t meant to be. Crew and correspondent were finally moved upstairs to a board room. Also a debacle was Kucinich’s arrival. The campaign staffers on site, in addition to security, were expecting the congressman to come in through a back door of the church. Despite numerous phone calls, everyone got caught off guard when the congressman merely made his way through the front door with everyone else."

Kucinich has a number of sources of info (I'm receiving several emails a day from the campaign), but this is my primary source for DK news. Bookmark it and follow along.

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