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Thursday, October 09, 2003  

Now, for a few words about spin and the nature of reality. Yesterday, the White House announced it was launching a PR campaign to convince voters (that's the word the Post used--not Americans, voters) that things were really going swimmingly in Iraq.

President Bush complained this week that it is hard to tell progress is being made in Iraq "when you listen to the filter" of the news media.

Bush's aides hope to elude that filter through a series of presidential interviews with local and regional news organizations, trips by Cabinet members to Iraq and hard-hitting speeches by Bush, Vice President Cheney and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice. Each of Bush's weekly radio addresses in October will be devoted to the subject, aides said.

And of course, yesterday Bill O'Reilly melted down (yet again) on NPR's "Fresh Air." (Poor guy--I'm reminded of Homer Simpson in one episode admitting he was a rage-aholic, "Ohhh, I'm addicted to rage-ahol!") Since the interview, he's been holding forth on the event like the victim of a hit-and-run. From his vanity site: "Was the National Public Radio interview fair and balanced? Was Bill treated differently than other guests? Listen for yourself and then YOU decide."

Both these incidents highlight the increasingly sharp break with reality conservatives have. It's become totally surreal. The thing is, the Bushies and O'Reilly (and just about every other conservative) seem to have completely missed the irony. They've gotten so deeply into spinning reality that they've forgotten it's not reality. Every time some harsh truth saunters onto the set like a stray gaffer, they look completely baffled. It's not even mendacity when you believe it yourself, I suppose.

But man, is it bizarre.

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