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Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

Two more observations on Vermont.

One. Vermont is supposedly the state Howard Dean governed. Maybe they don't know he's running for President. I saw--and though I'm prone to hyperbolic hyperboles, this is an actual count--exactly no bumper stickers or lawn signs for the good doctor. I did see a signed photograph wherein Dean was holding up a T-Shirt for the the Taftsville Country Store (mounted on the wall of the Taftsville Country Store, natch)--but he was the governor then. I mentioned to the woman selling me maple syrup that if he wins, the picture will be a "hell of a thing." She nodded mildly, as if I'd observed that the leaves were pretty. I have no analysis for this strange behavior--I haven't the faintest idea what it means.

Two. Although it didn't occur to me at the time, the New York Corolla we rented wasn't exactly the best car on the lot. It all came together while we were checked into to hotel. The woman at the front desk had one eye on the TV as she signed us in--it was the eighth inning of game six, and the Sox had just gone ahead by two runs. "License plate number?" she asked. Ooops. I quickly scrawled out a "Go Red Sox" sign and mounted it in the back of the car.

In fact, we were Red Sox fans. And believe it or not, for all you Beantowners from across the country, it was a lot better to be in New England after that atrocious game 7. Misery loves company, and it had a lot.

(We flew through Chicago, and they had just lost game 6. The Sun-Times had a front-page photo of the offending fan and a 100-point headline: "Curses!" Ah the misery.)

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