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Monday, November 03, 2003  

According to Tariq Aziz, the thing Saddam Hussein was hiding was not chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. It was those missiles that violated the 93-mile limit. Fearful of being caught in defiance of the UN's ban on WMD, Hussein abandoned them, according to Aziz, but felt that the missile limit threatened his sovereignty.

After nearly five months of prisoner interviews, document searches and site visits, "We know the regime had the greatest problem with the 150-kilometer limit" on missile ranges, said Hamish Killip, a former U.N. arms inspector now working with the Iraq Survey Group, a CIA-supervised body appointed by President Bush to lead the hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Hussein and his most senior military commanders saw the range limit "as an invasion of their sovereignty," Killip added. They fumed because hostile neighbors might hit Baghdad with missiles, but Iraq would be unable to answer in kind.

The bluffs about WMD--as even armchair quarterbacks theorized--weren't to hide those programs, but to hide the fact that they didn't have those programs.

Again, one reads these reports and wonders: how long is the defense of incompetence going to serve this administration?

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