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Thursday, November 06, 2003  

As any blogger knows, being flamed is a sign of respect--it means your arguments are getting through. I guess Dean should feel mighty respected right about now. Doesn't say much for John Kerry, though:

Democrat John Kerry accused presidential rival Howard Dean of lacking principles and flip-flopping on key issues Thursday, hoping to convert the front-runner's fumble over the Confederate flag into a sweeping indictment of Dean's policies and personality.

Poor John. This is the death rattle of a man who's trailing by 14 points in a primary that will likely spell his doom. And negative is definitely the wrong way to go about it rallying, too. He'll only provoke derision, not enthusiasm for his own campaign among the base who are tuned in now. And because New Hampshire is so important for the two New Englanders, the first time the majority of Americans hear his name, it will be when they read the headline "Dean Cruises in New Hampshire, Kerry Finishes Third." (Of course, they'll have to read the text of the article to learn that Dennis Kucinich, hot off his second-place showing in Iowa, grabbed the two spot in New Hampshire as well. Right?)

For the sake of those of us who want to beat Bush, John, would you mind knocking off the attacks?

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