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Thursday, November 13, 2003  

A friend of mine asked me today who was more prevalent in the blogosphere--righties or lefties. It's an interesting question, because statistics don't really give you the full picture. Righties are probably disproportionately represented among the most popular political blogs. This is partly because reasonable righties attract lefties; lefties rarely attract any righties. The blogosphere itself is, I think, far more liberal (two-thirds of blogs are left leaning, more?). But really, influence is the most important dimension.

I've long suspected that liberals, for a number of reasons, exercise greater influence from their blogs. Conservatives have so many other media, and are generally more vertical in organization, and so aren't particularly swayed by what a 22-year-old in Philadelphia has to say. But I've never had any evidence. Maybe this is it:

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) has a poll up on his website asking about Senate nominees. The poll is worded in a completely loaded way, of course, asking: "Should the Senate exercise its Constitutional duty to provide the President's judicial nominees with an up or down vote?"

What he means, of course, is "Should the Senate shirk its Constitutional duty to advise and consent on the President's judicial nominees and become nothing but a rubber stamp?"

The right answer is No, and so far, No is winning by a big margin — 86-14 as of this writing.

Obviously, this is reflective of nothing more than organization on the left flooding the system. Seems like the liberals are rallying the troops far more effectively--which in itself is somewhat instructive.

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