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Friday, November 21, 2003  

The ground for justifying the Iraq war diminishes by the day. That, of course, does not stall the President's confidence--no matter how well or badly things are going, he's convinced invasion was the proper course of action.

Our shared work of democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq is essential to the defeat of global terrorism. The spread of freedom and the hope it brings is the surest way in the long-term to combat despair and anger and resentment that feeds terror. The advance of freedom and hope in the greater Middle East will better the lives of millions of that region, and increase the security of our own people.

Before the war, there were several half-assed arguments: WMD, oppression, Al Qaeda links, and spreading democracy. All but the notion of spreading democracy have proven to have been formulations based on bad, raw data mined from the CIA--or outright lies--and now he's left with this "spreading democracy" argument. But no matter how blithely he expresses confidence that the ripples of equality and liberty are spreading throughout the Mideast, reality holds the trump card. Bombings in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq show that the opposite is happening: fanatacism is spreading.

Sometimes intention doesn't matter. Whether Bush was wagging the dog or really believed that invasion would lead to democracy is of little interest now. Each morning I lurch into wakefulness with the reports of yet another catastrophic bombing. This morning, an analyst mentioned how little affected Bush and Blair seemed by the throngs of people marching against the war. It seems almost a point of pride to Bush not to listen to the people. This appears to be the biggest botched operation in US foreign policy history.

It's wierd, in the back of my mind, I keep waiting for the adult to step forward and say, "all right, George, that's enough. Let someone else handle it from here." I guess I'll be waiting another year, though.

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