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Tuesday, November 18, 2003  

Has Tom Maguire gone Cuckoo for Kucinich? I think not: he's just trying to get the radicals on Dean's case to stop what he clearly feels is a juggernaut headed straight at his listing Prez. Yet Kucinich himself isn't even targeting Dean:

He told of collecting the pictures of soldiers killed in Vietnam from their families, so the paper could use them for obituaries. “This is the moment,” he said, using his now-familiar campaign phrase, “where we can reconnect with the world community,” noting in a nod to the rest of the field, “every candidate is ready to go forward to create a new America.” Exiting the stage area he flashed the audience a peace sign.

And not only that, but Tom's got the wrong juggernaut. There is indeed a moving trailer reserved with 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. written on the "destination" line, but it ain't Dean whose gonna be drivin'. We Kucitizens are merely lying in wait to spring the revolution on America come February. Deanies will then get on board the DK truck...

(He does, however, warrant a nod for apparently coining the phrase "Cuckoo for Kucinich," which I will hereafter use as often as possible.)

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