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Sunday, November 09, 2003  

Interesting bit on the "Reagans" miniseries in the local paper today:

Portions of the script leaked to the media in October, spurring a fury among conservative activists determined to protect Reagan's legacy. A fictionalized scene showing Reagan dismissing his wife's urging that he fund AIDS treatment ("They that live in sin shall die in sin," he responds) sparked particular outrage.

"That's not based on something he ever said, and we found that very troubling," Christine Iverson, Republican National Committee spokeswoman, said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "I think anyone who knew Ronald Reagan knew he was a very compassionate person."

And yet he was also a person whose authorized biographer recalls hearing him contemplate aloud that "maybe the Lord brought down this plague (AIDS)" to enforce the Ten Commandments.

Asked to clarify the philosophical distinction between the two statements, or why the RNC didn't complain about the fictionalized, if heroic, dialogue attributed to President George W. Bush in "DC 9/11," Iverson accused me of working a political bias and told me to put my editor on the phone.

The RNC's webpage, by the way, is a trip. Click on through for a journey into the heart of bizarro world.

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