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Tuesday, November 11, 2003  

The Military Oil Complex

The following is a Harper's-style index taken from the November Harper's article "The War Business," by Chalmers Johnson:

Acres of privately-owned property the US seized in Kosovo to build the "temporary" Camp Bondsteel: 1000

Initial cost for private contractor Kellogg Brown and Root to build Bondsteel: $36.6 million

Amount KBR charges to operate Bondsteel annually: $180 million

Number of private employees at Bondsteel: 8,000

Number of times per day KBR cleans the bathrooms: 3

Number of times per day it cleans the offices: 4

Cost of the AMBO pipeline that will pump oil through land at Bondsteel: $1.3 billion

Company that conducted initial AMBO feasibility study: Kellogg Brown and Root

Person responsible for initially hiring KBR in 1992: Dick Cheney


Amount Halliburton paid in taxes in 1998: $302 million

Amount it paid in 1999: -85 million

Dick Cheney's Halliburton salary in 2000: $36 million

Amount he will earn from Halliburton in "defered payments" in 2003: $150,000


Regular military population, 1942: 186,000

Regular military population, 2002: 1.4 million

Number of the world's 189 countries in which the US has a military presence: 120

Total cost of Gulf War I: $61 billion

Total cost to US: $8 billion

Cost of Gulf War II: $50 billion/year

Military expenditures 1941-'48: $3.1 trillion

Military expenditures (projected) 2000-'08: $3.2 trillion

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