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Wednesday, November 26, 2003  

One of the most senior British judges has criticized China's treatment of prisoners. He said on Tuesday that they were being held:

"beyond the rule of law, beyond the protection of any courts. The procedural rules do not prohibit the use of force to coerce the prisoners to confess. It's not quite torture but at close as you can get. As a lawyer brought up to admire the ideals of ... democracy and justice I would have to say that I regard this as a monstrous failure of justice."

The judge is considering urging sanctions on the rogue nation.

"It may be appropriate to pose a question - ought our government to make plain publicly and unambiguously our condemnation of [this] utter lawlessness."

Just kidding. He was actually talking about the US's treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo. Stinkin' Brits--what kinda lousy friends are you, huh? Oh, that's right, you're our only friends.

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