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Thursday, November 06, 2003  

Politics in intelligence--a new part of the American way? Well, in the case of the leaked memo, I think this is a situation of transference. It's a bit like the flap over Dean--where something said is perverted to mean its opposite, then vilified. Everything I've found in that memo looks like an attempt to get over the political hurdle already put in place by the Republicans.

A couple of ill-conceived statements give fire to the Republican perverting, but they can be read many ways (in truth, I haven't had an opportunity to skip through the blogosphere to see what some of the big brains are saying).

"Once we identify solid leads the majority does not want to pursue, we would attract more coverage and have greater credibility in that context than one in which we simply launch an independent investigation based on principled but vague notions regarding the use of intelligence."

The Dems know that whatever they do will be immediately denounced as partisan. Because of the ugly politics the President has already played--implying Dems are unpatriotic, unsupportive of war--they know the White House is likely to characterize any investigation as a "comfort to the enemy." (On the radio this morning, I heard a Republican sound bite to that effect on this issue.) So when Dems write about "greater credibility," it's clear to me what they're thinking of.

I could be wrong on all of this, and it will be interesting to see what develops over the course of the coming hours and days. My first blush look at the issue, though, doesn't incline me to think the Dems have done anything particularly egregious.

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