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Monday, November 24, 2003  

Update on the American Consensus Documentary

After an initial push, I've gotten something in the neighborhood of 15 filmmakers who have tentatively agreed to participate in this project. In terms of geographical distribution, I have good coverage in the Northeast and West Coast (though, oddly, no Cali filmmakers), two from the South and two from Texas. What I really need is help in the Midwest. So, if you live anywhere in that massive area north of Texas, west of Colorado and east of Pennsylvania, give me a holler.

In fact, if you live anywhere, give me a holler.

I should have some web information up soon. Ultimately, I might try to create a multimedia project with the footage I receive--which will definitely exceed screen time by a factor of ten or greater. In the meantime, go here to learn more about the project, or email me.

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