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Friday, November 07, 2003  

Well, this was unavoidable (by which I mean my mockery).


Following the remarkable success of their effort to prevent CBS from airing "The Reagans," boycott masterminds have now targeted NBC's "West Wing." Michael Paranzino, organizer for the Boycott CBS effort, said yesterday, "Now that we've seen the effect of our mighty blade, we're not going to sheath it just yet. First we'll cut out the cancer that has infected the airwaves and drive out all unfair, unbalanced content. As we know, it is the malingering liberals who control the shows we watch--and spread their elitist, anti-American, liberal propaganda to our youth. It's time for the people to take a stand. I didn't imagine it was possible before we boycotted CBS, but the network executives appear to have the spines of limp noodles. I anticipate great success."

Protests against the miniseries "The Reagans" began little less than two weeks ago, when fans of the 92-year-old former President learned that it might deviate from their own saccharine hagiography. Mr. Paranzino posted a website called, and within days thousands of angry conservatives had signed up on the site vowing not to watch. Fans of the President, long soured on Hollywood liberalism after years of vitriol from AM talk radio hosts, were particularly incensed that the James Brolin--husband of the third-most-hated liberal feminist--was standing in for the Gipper. "They might just have cast Barbra as Nancy and completed the blaspheme," said Paranzino.

Surprisingly, CBS instantly rolled over, shunting the miniseries off to its moribund cable property Showtime. Paranzino, seeing how such little effort could produce such effective results, immediately expanded his venture. First up is a boycott of NBC's acclaimed drama, "The West Wing."

"That show has burned my bacon since the word go," Paranzino said. "It's as if the Democrats think they are, like, patriots or something. It's nothing but a bunch of lies and propaganda to try to make liberals look 'compassionate' and 'reasonable.' And you know what? It makes Republicans look like narrow-minded flacks for corporations. I mean, it's totally unrealistic."

After "West Wing," Paranzino plans to target a number of other programs, including "The Daily Show," "Judging Amy," and "SportsCenter" ("Dan Patrick's a well-known Democrat," explained Paranzino). "I figure a month or two tops to get "West Wing" out of there. Truth is, it stinks now and NBC is looking for an excuse to ax it. After that, probably the 'Daily Show.' Jon Stewart mocks Republicans. Mocking is hurtful, you know? I don't know why they do that"

None of the major networks would comment when contacted about Paranzino's plans. A spokesman at the WB challenged Paranzino to boycott any of its shows, but when asked if he found any of the network's programing offensive, Paranzino said, "Who?"

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