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Thursday, November 27, 2003  

What do lefties have to be thankful for? Look beyond the obvious blessings in our own lives, and there's not a whole lot (certainly not that Green Bay game!). You can parse this question a lot of ways to drum up some good news, but I'd like to play it a little differently. Instead of praising the good bones of the country (the Constitution) or the good candidates we have on our side (gooooooo Dennis!), the thing I'm thankful for isn't even a widely acknowledged phenomenon.

Allow me to expound.

Whatever happens in November 2004 will depend on what is, or is not, happening at the ground level of politics in America. If nothing's happening, expect a predictable outcome: Clark or Kerry are the candidates, and after holding their own for a few months, are buried under the slime of the Rove machine. The Senate and House stay GOP. The country remains bitterly divided and we have round two of the Bush years, which will be bloodier and more grim than anything anyone on this earth has seen.

But what if something is happening. What if the 80% of registered voters who didn't cast a ballot for George Bush are not slumbering. What if they're awakening and mad as hell about what the GOP has done to the country? If they are, we could see a minor revolution, ala 1994. Or, we could see a massive revolution for which there is no precedent.

You listen to the news (that's the corporate news who are part of the GOP military/service complex), and you get a lot of smug Republicans pointing out that, based on the assumptions of conventional politics, Bush and the GOP are sitting pretty. The only alternate view plays here on the blogosphere and--rarely--on NPR or on ill-funded and little-heard/read lefty news outlets. It's not even a whisper on the national scene, so no one hears it. Instead, we must speculate about what boils under the placid smiles (or, if they've just watched the Pack, grimaces) of those 80%.

The GOP is an echo-chamber based feedback loop that does its best to present a bizarro world view of what's actually happening--they have no idea about what might be happening. So we're left with speculation. All I know is the people I see. A preponderance of them are moderate to very liberal, but a lot of them are also a part of the slumbering horde. But you know what? They aren't slumbering now. They're mad as hell and they're making the first political donations of their lives, they're attending rallies, and they're meeting in living rooms to strategize about how to elect "anyone but Bush." (And they get little notice on Fox.)

So for this Thanksgiving, I'd like to offer up a toast to the slumbering horde. I think you're going to cause a revolution, and I'm thankful for that prospect. Don't let me down.

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