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Monday, November 24, 2003  

You might have noticed that I've spent the day gingerly avoiding any talk of this Medicare bill. Trying to polish the apple by talking about draft dodging and Kucinich's immanent selection as the Dem candidate. It's because I'm a little to sick to write about it. (That's a metaphoric sickness, unlike the real sicknesses people will be more vulnerable to after this horrid beast goes through.) My own senator, who was before that my congressman, and who was before that a celebrated local politician in the People's Republic of Portland--even he couldn't be counted on to oppose this bill. (That's Ron Wyden, by the way.) Hesiod does a pretty good job of characterizing my feelings:

R.I.P. DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Well...I may as well hang up my keyboard, and close down this blog.

The dumbass Senate Democrats, mislead by Tom Daschle have handed the 2004 election to George W. Bush and the Republican party.

I am so utterly disgusted right now, I can hardly type.

The Democrats aren't an opposition party. They are a supplication party.

The Democratic Party is in such disarray that the DNC is trying to lobby citizens to sign a petition blocking the legislation. Addressed to Bush and the GOP, the petition reads:

Your Medicare privatization bill is a raw deal for America's seniors. I oppose your attempts to undermine Medicare through privatization, and I demand real health care reform and a real prescription drug benefit. It's time for you to scrap your bill written by the big drug companies and the big insurance companies and start over. Take the lead from Democrats and fight for real reform.

Apparently the Dems didn't get the memo. Nice, the national party is trying to organize the people to oppose a horrible piece of legislation that the party itself doesn't even have the cojones to oppose. That's disarray. Even before the debate, aforementioned Wyden, along with Daschle and Feinstein, had declared they supported the legislation, so forget about hoping for a filibuster.

A dark day indeed for Democrats.

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