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Monday, December 15, 2003  

According to the pundit chatter, the discovery of a cowering Saddam Hussein is really bad news for Dean (they don't mention Kucinich, but by extension of the logic, it must be bad for him, too). I'm not sure they checked their math.

With the election 11 months away, Hussein's capture will only be texture in the larger storyline, unless things are going swimmingly well. In that scenario, Bush can date the successful phase of reconstruction to his capture, and start planning for his next term in office. If things don't improve or worsen, how will the pathetic image of Hussein help Bush? Dean's hand (or Kucinich's) will be stronger in that case, not weaker. He can point out that Hussein never was a threat, and the pre-emptive war made things far worse in Iraq.

To make the argument that this hurts Bush is to be pretty confident that things are going to improve from here on out. Wanna bet?

[Update: The New Republic agrees. They argue it weakens Clark, but Clark--shockingly--disagrees. Salon has a longer piece describing how he breaks it down.]

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