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Tuesday, December 23, 2003  

All right, my little Sigmunds, pull out your Psych 101 and have a go at this dream. Last night, my sleeping mind manufactured a little drama with Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, and me. We were sitting in one of those darkened rooms of the "West Wing's" White House--plush leather chairs and pools of dim radiance. Rummy was on my left, Wolfie on my right. We were apparently all parked there for separate reasons--it wasn't a joint meeting. (Probably we were waiting to see the President. I was likely about to receive the "Defender of the Republic" award for the close watch I've kept on the administration.)

Two things happened in the dream, but I can only clearly remember the second. In the first, Rummy had some issue with dead American soldiers--the PR problem was getting pretty bad. I offered a suggestion that now eludes me, and both Rummy and Wolfie were pleased. Rummy left.

Seizing the moment, I then turned to Wolfie and gave him some advice. I told him that it would be a lot cheaper and save a lot more soldiers lives if the US invested directly in local Iraqi businesses ala Bangladesh's Grameen Bank. Again, Wolfie was pleased. He nodded as if struck by pure revelation.

I remember them as nice fellows, decent enough to spend a few minutes with. It means, apparently, that I'm secretly a Republican and this Kucinich business is overcompensation. So forget everything I've said over the past year. Wolfie and Rummy are nice guys. Damn that liberal press.

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