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Saturday, December 27, 2003  

And while we're on mad cow, I heard the conservative spin this morning on NPR. The National Review's Rich Lowry was on Scott Simon's show in place of Dan Schorr to give analysis. In perfect form, he kept calling the mad cow disaster "devastating news for rural America." That's one way to put it. A particularly warm and fuzzy pro-rural view.

A better way to put it is: mad cow debacle is devastating news for the Republican Party.

The obvious reprecussions are: it could hammer the (possibly) recovering US economy and sink Dubya's mild renaissance. But more to the point, the presence of mad cow disease in America's food (see post below) is a direct result of Republican mismanagement, corruption, and greed. Who is responsible for the corporatization of the beef industry that makes tracking a lone cow (as seen in this example of mad cow disease) well nigh impossible? Who has fought at every turn to restrict regulation on beef? Who has obstructed efforts to test beef? Who was reluctant to control the way the beef industry manages its cattle (with regard to feed and health)? And who has underfunded regulation and testing where it did manage to survive?

In fact, the Republicans have done everything they could to hamper efforts to stop mad cow disease from appearing in America. Democrats better hit them quickly, hard, and repeatedly and demand accountability. Because I tell you what, the great friends of rural America have already identified and begun implementing their strategy.

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