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Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

Cheney, Richard Bruce
Position: Vice President President
Elected: November 2000

Born Jan. 30, 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Went to school at the University of Wyoming, where he earned a B.A. and M.A. Went on to study at the University of Wisconsin, but didn’t finish his Ph.D. During the 1960s, Cheney “five times sought and received three different types of deferments from military duty throughout the 1960s” (Salon). Except for brief periods between government service, Richard B. Cheney has not been far from a state or federal government institution. After leaving Wisconsin, he served in the Nixon White House. Did a brief stint as a VP at Bradley, Woods, & Company before joining the Ford administration as White House Chief of Staff. From 1979-88, he was a US rep in his home state of Wyoming. In the (first) Bush administration, he was Secretary of Defense. He then took his year of experience from the private sector and worked as the CEO of Halliburton, a private defense contractor, where he remained until being tapped by George Two as Veep. During his tenure at Halliburton, defense contracts skyrocketted, and during the Iraq invasion, Halliburton was offered a secret, no-bid contract by the Pentagon to rebuild Iraq. (Sources: New York Times, White House official biography, 60 Minutes, and Salon.)

We know less about Dick Cheney’s actions than any member of the Bush administration. His involvement as a liaison between energy companies and the (now failed) Bush energy plan has been the subject of lawsuits for three years. His involvment in planning for the Iraq war is not clear, nor are the relationships between his former company, Halliburton, and the secret no-bid contracts awarded to clean up Iraq. Early in the administration, Cheney played a fairly forward role. Since then, he has lurked in the background, emerging only infrequently to lend gravitas to a listing Bush inititiave. But in the case of the Veep, absence does not make the heart grow fonder--in the three years Cheney has spent hiding in undisclosed locations, periodic reports of corruption and scandal are what bring his name into the headline. He did the administration no favors in being the most pointed advocate for the war, and offered “evidence” the administration didn’t have. Then in September ’03, he appeared on “Meet the Press” and made another round of assertions that weren’t true, causing other administration officials, including the President, to correct the record. The man who came into the administration touted as the greatest asset may end it as the greatest liability.

This dossier is submitted without comment for your scrutiny.

The War Lies
Corporate Cronyism
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