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Friday, December 26, 2003  

I'm still in very slow motion. I've eschewed news and embraced relaxation and literature (that Dictionary of the Khazars I long-ago mentioned, and the new McSweeney's). I plan to continue to eschew news, too.

I will confess to having foolishly followed my habit, and breezed by the Times this morning. Before pulling away in fatigue, I saw some interesting analysis from Safire (who remains the most interesting of the righties writing during the time of Bush), which I'll pass along here. Apparently alone among major editorial writers, Safire seems to sense the significance of the Dean campaign on bedrock politics. (He might be nearly alone, along with the bloggers whom he references, in being wrong about the whole thing, too.) One of the most interesting analyses I've read in awhile. You have to read the whole thing, so I won't excerpt here.

And of course, if you're desperate there's this guy, who also dances to different music.

Finally, Eric Bosse of Bushwhacked USA sent me an email, alerting me of his existence. The site seems like a good filter (funnel?) for the news, should you be seeking at this early date to dip your own toe back into the information stream. More power to you. I'll post another "best of" by way of tepidly offering content.

Happy Holidays!

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